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Mar 7, 2012

♥ Floral Print

Yes I know we've all seen it everywhere- floral prints. I can't stress enough how much I dont care about trends and dislike anything mainstream, but I can't help liking these prints.

It might have something to do with the fact that I love bright colours.

H&M Floral Print Sheer Blouse

H&M Gold chain bracelet

Zara trouser/leggins with gold zips

What do you think of this trend?



  1. I too am not one for mainstream trends, I tend to go on my whim and create my own fashion (which works sometimes and NOT others ahah)
    I will admit though, I like the floral print, I bought a bathing suit top in a similar pattern. I love the sheer blouse, I may have to snag one for myself :)

    xxx Jessica

  2. love that blouse , the colours look lovely!
    mantenso xx

  3. Great buys hun,love everything u bought! I love bright&colourful stuff<3

  4. lovely floral prints:)

    it would be boring because I only use treadmills and (40 mins) and crosstrainer (40 mins ;-)

  5. Love the bracelet :-)
    I found the post where I heard about GFC...

    Holli x

  6. I'm totally like you, I think it's the fact that it's so colorful that makes me like those floral prints so much! Love your blouse!!

  7. aaaaw love the bracelet! ;]

  8. Ohh I L♥VE the bracelet, Its gorgeous
    I'm not a big fan of following trends either but i am loving whats on trend this season.
    Kiwi ..x

  9. the bracelet looks really nice!

  10. Love the florals, the bracelet is gorgeous too!

  11. Lovely!!

  12. Aww I want the floral blouse !! ;-)

  13. I love the pieces.. I think that H&M shirt is really affordable for the price. And I am liking the bracelet too..

    I am loving the floral prints trend. Not just for this particular season but can be worn throughout. Not matter what.

    Hot Happenings!

  14. I am loving floral at the moment, but certain kind of floral...

  15. Cool Bracelte, i wonder if it comes in silver! Floral is certainly big in the spring and summer! Love it... Check me out @


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