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Mar 5, 2012

♥ First Feauture :)

So Im here in college on my break when I got an email saying that my blog was featured on

Oh, and here is a link to my profile there: Yolandaas 

To be honest I only signed up there recently and I haven't been really active so it was a nice suprise, and having said that I'd really recommend the site :)

If your on, link your profile and I'll follow
Have a great day everyone..



  1. That's just amaze,Congrats honey<3

  2. I just started up with the blogger also & I love your blog! My profile is :)

  3. I've just joined aswell but not really sure how it works to be honest! well done for being for featured blog though :)

    my link is
    I think?

  4. Never knew about this website! Going to sign up now :-)

    Holli x

  5. Vad kul för dig :) Gjorde förresten en tutorial på cut crese looken nu, kolla in fall du är intresserad :) xx

  6. Wow congrats! Well-deserved. :)


    P.S. I'm hosting a book tour on my blog. You may want to join the giveaways. :) Amazon gift cards and a Kindle Fire are up for grabs. :) It's over here. :)


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