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Jan 15, 2013

♥ 5 Strange Beauty Remedies


5 Strange Beauty Remedies. When I was on the bus, I randomly thought of this post. There are so many DIY beauty treatments and remedies out there, some stranger than the other. Although I have tried quite a lot of them- there are a few I've heard of but I will probably not try. I tried to come up with some more, but these are the 5 strange beauty remedies I could think of.

1. Oil Pulling: Oil pulling means gargling oil instead of your usual mouthwash. This is meant to draw wash out any dirt in your mouth as well as promoting healthy gums and dental health. You are meant to do this before brushing your teeth and for up to 20 minutes before spitting it out.
Will I try this? Probably

2. Banana Peel for white teeth: The banana peels contains potassium and other healthy minerals which are supposed to whiten your teeth. Rubbing the peel on to your teeth is suppose to make them whiter.
Will I try this? Maybe

3. Vaginal/Fungal Cream For Hair Growth: Now this is something a lot of people might have heard of. Personally, I think this is taking it a step to far. Especially after reading about side effects such as severe headaches. It is meant to work due to the active ingredient 'Miconazole Nitrate' which is anti fungal, and as it fights or bacteria in your scalp it is meant to promote maximum growth.
Will I try this? Not unless I am really desperate, balding or something*

4. Dry Brushing your skin: Brushing your skin with a skin brush when it is dry is meant to give super smooth and healthy skin. The brushing will stimulate blood flow and can help cellulites and tightening the skin. I am sure this will at least give soft skin, but why it is in this 'weird remedies' post is because the thought of brushing your skin dry makes me think dry, white flaky skin lol!
Will I try this? Working on it, been meaning to try it since I was about 13 and first heard of it (I am 19 now)

5. Beer for healthy strong hair: To me, this is the weirdest of them all. It is said to strengthen, moisturise and make your hair shiny- all due to the protein rich malt which is one of the main ingredients of beer.
Will I try this: Don't think so

Had you heard of all of these?
Which ones have you tried/will try?


*Not saying your desperate if you do chose to try it, or have tried it. It's just that I personally would have to be really desperate to try something that might give me headaches, since I really hate them


  1. I have heard of oil pulling and brushing dry skin skin! I will not be using yeast infection cream for hair sounds dangerous lol

  2. I heard of the banana peel on the teeth! I was unsure about it but still was willing to give it a go!

  3. Wow some of these are really odd, definitely agree with you about the hair growth one! Might have to try dry brushing though :) xx

  4. With the beer on hair it's true! Have a great day. Xoxo V.V.

  5. I'Ve never heard of these remedies, may try the banana peel for my teeth but brusching my (very) dry skin scares me!

  6. Great post hun, these tips are rather akward haha would try the banana peel possibly


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