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Jan 19, 2013

♥ Tom Ford & Magni Lashes FOTD

Tom Ford & Magni Lashes FOTD

 For today's FOTD I actually tried out the magni lashes (review coming) from the #bbloggersxmas event for the second time. The first time, they worked, but I'd say they gave more volume rather than length. For those who don't know, magni lashes are fibers that come on a mascara like wand, and are applied after your first coat of mascara, and finished off with another coat of mascara.

The first picture is with flash and the picture above is without flash. 

What I used for this look

How do you like this look? 



  1. that lipstick is gorgeous on you and I've been so interested in trying lashes I might try this

  2. love the make up :) red lipstik is nice on you

  3. You have such a beautiful face, you look happy too :)

  4. Love the lippy colour :)

  5. Gorgeous look hun,love the lipstick

  6. Stunning as usual! x


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