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Jan 19, 2013

♥ Magnifibres Brush On False Lashes

 Magnifibres Brush On False Lashes

"Magnifibres and applied inbetween two layers of your favourite mascara. The brush- on fibres give an immediate and stunning false lash effect- achieving length and volume beyond belief."

Another product from the generous #bbloggersxmas goodie bag. I was quite excited to try this as I think it's a great concept and could be perfect for super long every day lashes without having to use falsies. Which by the way, I've never actually used.

As you can see, the packaging is pretty adorable and has all the instructions you need to know, as well as pictures of the result. What I particularly like about that is that the picture seem to actually show the real results as opposed to many other mascara before & after pics. 
< One Coat of Mascara || One Coat Plus Magni Lashes || Another Coat on Magni Lashes >

As you can see the results with one coat of mascara, then one coat of magnifibre lashes, and then lastly a finishing coat of mascara doesn't give any amazing results- but still noticeable. If you check out the post below, or click this link to view my previous FOTD you will see the results after Two coats of magnifibre lashes- you can see there that my lashes look quite long!
Another plus is that it has the design of a normal mascara which makes it easy to bring with you if you travel and perfect for daily use.  As you can see below, it really is just fibres on a mascara wand.

Summary: Overall I definitely think this does what it promises on the package. It's perfect for everyday use but does require a bit of practise to get your technique right. I am still working on this! The effect is definitely build-able which gives you the choice of using it for your every day looks or even for more dramatic evening looks. Lastly, it washes of like any normal mascara so no problems there!

See my previous FOTD where I am used these Magnifibres here.

What do you think of this product?
Have you tried any similar ones?


  1. This seems like a fun product, I've heard quite a bit critique on similar ones, but I'm still interested to try one :)

  2. I just watched a youtuber (dulcecandy) do a review on a similar product and the results are amazing just like yours.
    Do you know where this product is available of sale?


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