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Jan 27, 2013

♥ Di Palomo Enriching Hand & Nail Cream

Di Palomo White Grape & Aloe Enriching Hand & Nail Cream

Here is another product from the #bbloggersxmas event. It's quite small with 25 ml/0.8fl.oz. of product, but I just thought it made a perfect hand cream for my hand bag /makeup bag. I hadn't heard anything about the brand before but I was very happy with the results.

This products is pretty fragranced so if you have got sensitive skin or just don't like strong fragrances you might want to stay away from this. However I think this smells really nice.

The formula is non greasy, of medium thickness and feels very nourishing! Top ingredients are Grape Seed Oil with Aloe Vera leaf extract in the middle of the ingredient list. I am definitely happy with this as the ingredients are fairly natural and will turn your dry hands very soft!

Ingredient Check:

  • Mineral Oil (/)
  • Silicones (x)
  • Parabens (/)
  • Butylene/Propylene Glycol (/)

Get the full size 75ml product from Feel Unique for £6.30.

Have you tried this or anything else from
Di Palomo?



  1. I love white grape. I bet is smells really nice :)

  2. I like Aloe and the product sounds great!

  3. Never tried something from Di Palomo :o
    Looks great though, especially because it's also for your nails. Really need something like this but I'll only choose products without parabens and things like that :)

    Confessions of a blonde

  4. Haven't tried this brand. I do like skin products with aloe :)


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