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Jan 5, 2013

♥ Celebrity Big Brother Launch Party

Big Brother Launch Party

On Wednesday I was invited by lovely Annie from EpiphannieA to come with her to the Celebrity Big Brother Launch party, well to go to the launch of the 2013 series. It was outside London, in Borehamwood which was a lot closer to London than we both though, well it was in zone 6.

I've actually gone to two other tv shows to be in the audience, X Factor & Britain's got Talent. Both with my sweet Granny who invites me to those kind of things. Anyway, as we got there we didn't have to line up, but were welcomed to the Channel 5/ people's (I think) room were we got complimentary Champagne and were offered a LOT of nibbles (by a lot I mean the waitress started to realise I kept saying yes to food- and thereby kept coming back to offer me more).
As we arrived we got to wait in this cozy warm room, with glowing square stools and a pink throne :) 
As we were told beforehand, it was freezing outside in the audience but it was still good fun, especially during the breaks when the hosts turned the whole thing into a little dance session, lol!

Do you watch Big Brother,
& have you been in the audience of any TV show?


  1. This isn't actually that far away from my uni, quite surprised i didn't realise considering i'm quite a big brother fan! Sounds like a good night!

    Zoe |

  2. Loved how your pics came out better than mine looool but then again I did use my iphone hidden in my glove.

    It's so weird that the best part of the show was the commercials

  3. Now I know. I thought I haven't heard from you as yet. I'm, glad you had a nice time of it. Nice One!


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