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Jan 18, 2013

♥ Schwarzkopf Supersoft Ultimate Shine Superfruit Conditioner

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Ultimate Shine Superfruit Conditioner (£1)

"Radiant, healthy shine with Lychee & Noni-Berry Extract. Nourishes and smoothes the hair structure"

In addition to my staple conditioner which is the Tresemme Naturals Silicone free one I like to have a really cheap protein based conditioner for my weekly DIY deep conditioner treatments (read: monthly lol). My most recent favourite was the Beauty Formulas Tea Trea Conditioner but when I wen't to the discount store to get another one, they didn't have it anymore. So I found this one and really liked the ingredient list, so here are my first thoughts.

As I explain in my DIY deep conditioner tutorial (see here) I mix it myself using a protein based conditioner and then add extra honey (or you can use Glycerine) for moisture, a carrier oil or butter for nourishment and if you are using a non protein based conditioner- you can add Coconut Milk, Egg, Mayonnaise for extra protein.  

As you might understand, I haven't tried this yet but if you see the ingredient list above you can see that it is pretty great for £1. Behentrimonium Chloride is a gentle detangler and emollient and Panthenol is Provitamin B5. After that you've got hydrolysed keratin which is a protein that strengthens hair, and after that a few oils- sounds good to me! :)

Have you tried this conditioner?
How did you like it?
& Also, do you deep condition your hair?



  1. wow thanks a lot for the beautiful reply, its nice to know you check the ingredients of products before purchasing them, that was am very bad in lol i only check reviews on line (too bad) but this product sounds really lovely see if i can get it here, thnks so much for sharing!
    happy weekend.


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