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Jan 14, 2013

♥ Argan Oil, what are the benefits?

The Benefits and Uses of Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

I am sure everyone knows of Argan Oil by now, after the hype of the Moroccan Oil hair products.          I have tried similar hair serums to that one, but it wasn't until recently that I actually purchases pure Argan Oil, as it is very expensive!

So what are the benefits & uses of Argan Oil?

  • It contains a lot of Vitamin E, and also Vitamin F (source)
  • The Vitamin E in Argan Oil can help stretch marks  scars and wrinkles (read my post on Vitamin E oil here)
  • Contains 0.8% unsaponifiables/sterloins which are anti inflammatory and can improve skin metabolism (source)
  • Use on your nails as the high contents of Vitamin E will prevent splitting nails
  • Use in your hair to nourish scalp or split ends
  • It is a very light oil, and gets absorbed very quickly, this makes it a perfect face oil (see DIY)

I bought my Argan Oil from Holland & Barett for £12.99 (Just checked the price online, so expensive. I thought I bought it for maximum £8).

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Have you tried pure Argan Oil?
What uses do you recommend?



  1. I love argan oil. My skin has improved since I started using it. I just started using her Argan oil a few weeks ago and love it! I wondered if you bought a less expensive organic version if it would work as well? Her line is much pricier. bulk argan oil

  2. Great blog indeed, My skin is recovering now after using the pure Argan oil. It was ruin by dust and cold. This oil is really beneficial for hairs as-well, last year i have used it for my hairs when they were destroyed due to my massive use of hair gels. It was really costly that time but this time for my skin i have taken it from who gave me 17% off and never took a single penny for shipping. I am using it from 8 days and now my skin is recovering properly. Thanks for providing relevant information and the videos on right side bar really helped me a lot. :)


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