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Jan 2, 2013

♥ Tom Ford Violet Fatale

Tom Ford Lip Color 17 Violet Fatale 

I am so excited to share today's review of this gorgeous Tom Ford lipstick. I got it a bit over a month ago and I now feel that I have worn it enough to give you guys a good review. It is £36 from the Harrod's website  (direct link) and the delivery was really quick. 
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As you can see, the packaging looks so amazing. The case is pretty heavy and made of a glass like material. The colour of the case is black but is slightly transparent and gives a hint of a burgundy shade in certain lights.

I was definitely excited about this particular shade, a gorgeous purple/plum autumn colour! However I have to say that the actual colour when swatching or wearing it is slightly different being lighter, and slightly more fuchsia rather than purple- it is still a gorgeous shade! The staying power is very good with about 3-4 hours and longer if you don't eat or drink anything. When the shade starts to wear off there will still be some colour on your lips, sort of like a lip stain.

These particular lip sticks come in 20 shades in total, so there are 19 other shades to chose from with many pinks, nudes and reds. See all the shades here. 
 Now to the most important part (at least according to me). Amazing ingredient list. Well, it is really long but from what I can tell it's filled with quite a few great ingredients. Castor Oil is at the very top and in the middle after the waxes there are loads of nourishing oils, extracts and butters such as Soja Bean extract, Camomile flower oil and Shea Butter.

Ingredients Check NO= (/), YES= (√) :

  • Mineral Oil (/)
  • Silicones (/)
  • Parabens (/)

I absolutely love this guys- everything from the packaging to the creamy formula.
Has anyone tried this, and what do you think of the shade?




  1. Gorgeous review! And what a gorgeous product, I work near Harrods, so I may just have to treat myself ;) x

  2. Oh wow, this lippie looks gorgeous! It looks like one of those shades that'll suit everyone. :) A bit on the expensive side for me, but i'd love to get it as a treat :)

  3. Great colour! I have a similar on from Armani!

    xoxo Chris

  4. This colour is gorgeous! I really want to get a Tom Ford lipstick. x

  5. This colour looks incredible on you<3

  6. I've been looking to buy Tom ford lipstick for ages now. The packaging is just so gorgeous and glamourous. This shade looks so amazing. I'm definitely going to try it out :)

  7. Gorgeous shade hun,hav a few TF lippies on my wishlist may splurge on one for my birthday in a months time hehe! Great review as always

  8. Gorgeous shade hun,hav a few TF lippies on my wishlist may splurge on one for my birthday in a months time hehe! Great review as always

  9. That's such a nice color on you :)

  10. Great suggestions, love the colors.


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