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Jan 15, 2013

♥ Etat Pur Biomimetique/Biomimetic Radiant Complexion Care

Etat Pur Biomimetique/Biomimetic Radiant Complexion Care

This is definitely one of my favourites from the #bbloggersxmas goodie bag. A full sized, natural slightly tinted face moisturiser.
 On the bottle, it promises to: "Even out skin texture to give face a healthy glow. It reduces early wrinkles and signs of fatigue. Skin is revitalised and visibly brighter."

As you can see, it is apricot tinted and I really think this helps evening out your skin- don't worry if it's not your shade, it adapts to your skin tone. The most impressive thing to me is that it really gives glowing skin which can help dull looking skin. To be sure of this, After I took these swatches and had worked the product into the side of my hand, I let it properly get absorbed. After that, I compared it to the other side of my hand- and the one with that product definitely had a glow to it!

Ingredient check:
  • Mineral Oil (/)
  • Silicones (/)
  • Parabens (/)
  • Butylene/Propylene Glycol (/)
It contains a lot of nice ingredients such as Rice Brain Oil, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil and Radish Root. 

You might like this: You prefer natural ingredients and you love the dewy look. You don't wear foundation daily and wan't something that will really enhance your own skin by giving it a healthy glow. You might also like it if you have dry, dull looking skin.

You might not like this: You want some coverage daily and this doesn't give you enough coverage. You prefer an unscented product, this smells quite strongly but the smell is very subtle. It doesn't contain SPF is quite expensive at £12.60.

Have you tried this?
& How did you like it?


The price is £12.60 for 40ml, as it says here on the website. Please note that this has an expire date of 6M only which is quite unusual but good, it means it isn't packed with harsh preservatives. 


  1. I have this - I first tried this after getting it at Live Bloggers in Sept. I do like it, its great for "no makeup" days and the ingredients are fantastic. I love the fact there are no nasties in it. I actually think for the quality and for the fact there is no cheap nasty stuff in there its very reasonably priced and not expensive!

    Etat Pur is a great brand that needs more recognition I think!


  2. Sounds like afab product hun,nice review as usual!


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