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Jan 15, 2013

♥ How I store my: Nail varnishes

How I store my: Nail varnishes

I just wanted to share with you how I store my nail varnishes. I know the acrylic clear nail varnishes boxes are really popular, but I quite like this way. The clear crystal bowl is something I got from a family member who was going to chuck it away- I love crystal stuff like this! Clearly all my nail varnishes don't fit in there, but I think it makes a really nice decoration as well.

For the nail varnishes that do not fit in to that, I just store them in this basket thing which I believe is from IKEA.

What do you think of my nail varnish storage?
 & how do you store yours?



  1. Really cute! I store my nail varnishes in a a really nice bowl, a heart shaped jewellery box and because I have so many, I use the lid to also store some more.

  2. I have way too many nail polishes, so I store them in a huge box :D

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  3. Lovely way of storing them. All your polishes looks so pretty xo

  4. I have mine nail polishes all stuffed into a trunk! I need to sort it out really as its not very organised and I never use the polishes at the bottom! I also forget what I've got and end up buying the same shade 3 times over! Oops!

    Jen xx

  5. That is lovely storage hun,I likey :D


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