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Apr 29, 2012

♥ Flakies Yay!

I just wanted to show off two of my new nail polishes. I bought a couple the other day (read: five) and these are the ones I've tried so far. I've been wanting a flakies polish for soo long. I love the look of it but you can't seem to find it anywhere here in London? 

Anyway now you can, I walked into the Inglot shop at Westfield Shopping Center and found this lil flaky polish. It was £8.

The other polish is from Gabrini and it was £1. I actually love it, I love the shade of pink and it had golden shimmers in it.

I thought they would make a good combo.

Which one do you like the best?
Do u find it easy to find flakies polishes in the UK?


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  1. jätte fint :D
    ha en bra kväll sötis :)

  2. perfect spring shade

  3. Shades are really nice!

  4. my favorite is the color in the bottom right corner. I love the gold flakes...thanks for the idea :)

  5. they really make an amazing combo!! i love how they glisten!! so pretty!

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  7. Heeey I've awarded you with an award! :) xxxxxx

  8. Such a pretty combo - that Inglot topcoat is divine! Must look out for it :)

    Emma xo

  9. Hi Yolanda, {I don't know if you would see my response on my blog} but thank you ^_^ I'm still learning but I used a template from a free layout I found and I took the pictures and some of the elements of that free layout and I am changing it and putting my own background and stuff. It's still a work in progress lol and it's also a pain in the ass since I'm learning and I made my header on Let me know if you need help with anything...we can learn together lol

  10. Yes, this is normal ! To sum up, I say that I really like Bourjois. Items aren't very expensive but of great quality. I'm mad of this blush !

    PS : sorry for my English ;-p

  11. nail combo is amazing - so sparkly x


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