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Apr 16, 2012

♥ 600 followers giveaway :)

So I'm really excited to share with you my first giveaway :)

I've been planning this for really long and initially I was going to do a 500 followers giveaway. Thank's to lovely Giselle for sponsoring me with the jewellery!

I do Not want people to follow my blog only to join the giveaway, and I am not holding the giveaway to gain followers. Therefor you do Not need to follow me. And you can't gain extra entries by following me at 172783 different places.

However, I have put a lot of effort into my facebook page lately, so I would like my followes to like it. Please also like Elle Jewels's Page HERE.

To Join The Giveaway:

-LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE (and comment THIS post saying who you liked it as) (<-CLICK)
-Answer: What do you like about my blog & what could I do to make it better?

So I am giving away:

-3 Max Factor Max Colour Effects Mini Nail polish, in the colours: Diva Violet, Cool Jade, Mellow Yellow (I have purchased these)
-Elle Jewels Necklace (from here) & Elle Jewels Peacock Earrings (from here)- These were given to me from Giselle, from Etsy Jewels (I initially thought the necklace, was a small bracelet when I picked it, hope you like anyway :) )
-Percy & Reed Shampoo (I purchased this, it came with a magazine)
-Clinique 7 day Scrub & lipgloss (I purchased this, and this also came with a magazine)

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Hope You Join! 

Ps. It's only open for people in Europe


  1. I like your fb page as Ria Kod.
    I love the way you write and your reviews! And the fact that you do tell the truth about products :D
    I wouldn't want anything different. Everything's great as it is!

  2. Great giveaway and congrats: 600 followers :)
    I like both FB pages as Precious Figaro! I really like your blog because you seem very nice and honest - I like the way you handle everything on your blog! And I love the fact that everytime I click on your page there is always a new post:) I think you could work on yor layout because your blog is great and therefore it should stand out more!


  3. I am so excited for this giveaway! Thank you for allowing me to be part of it : )

  4. I love your blog! Im trying some of your nail DIY's tomorrow to see what works for my evening out this weekend. You make things easy for me and you don't know how few people do non-pro's need help :) Thank you! -Deidre

  5. I like your blog because you keep it real and seem to be really down to earth. I read ALL of your posts because I love your style when it comes to makeup and nail art!!! Congrats on having 600 followers!


  6. I love coming to your blog just because I absolutely LOVE nailpolish and you're always displaying new ones. I even used two of your make up tutorials on models I had to style for this photoshoot and I'll be using some more of yours this weekend. So thanks for all the help with that because I know ZIP about make up. I also really love some of the collages you post because I'm 100% addicted to clothes, especially that last H&M post that you did. By the way, I liked your Facebook. Sorry for rambling. You also put me on to different blog sites, so I want to thank you for that also. And I tried the avacado and egg hair treatment, pretty decent turn out. I like trying new things so I'm always interested in whatever you're going to post next!

  7. Ooo well done for getting 600 followers!
    I have liked both pages on facebook under Holli Adamson.
    I love your makeup looks the most and i really don't think there's anything you could do to make your blog better, it's fab!

    Holli x

  8. Congrats girl! This is huge! I know what a great feeling of satisfaction such milestones give! Wish you lots and lots of success!


  9. Hi! I liked your facebook page as Lauren Michaelides :)
    I really like your EOTD/FOTD and fashion posts, I'd really like it if you did video tutorials more often and maybe posted some hauls? I love being nosey and seeing what others have bought! xxx

  10. Thanks for the giveaway! I like as Courtney Childs and I follow via GFC Courtzz. My favourite thing about your blog is the DIY Studded shorts tutorial, and I'd like to see more skincare posts! xx

  11. jag gillar faktiskt redan din sida (sedan du skapa den typ) så jag borde ju få första tjing på smyckena där va!

    Gillar din blogg som den är, dock tycker jag att du borde skriva och visa lite mer av ditt privatliv. Kanske för att jag saknar dig och så och så är det ju intressant :)

    Har inte rökt på 1,5h vecka bara men det är jättemycket för mig :) Det är bra i alla fall för mår så himla bra. BTW, har du skype? Vi kanske kan skypa nån dag? puss

  12. Hi :) I awarded you on award. Stop by my page for the details.


  13. Lovely Giveaway. Enjoy it Europeans. :-)

  14. Lovely Blog!
    I have followed your facebook page as: Georgie Pike
    I have followed Elle Jewel's Page aswell as: George Pike

    I like everything about your blog, i like d.i.y, hauls and things like that, i don't think there's anything to imporove on really:)

    Thank you for the opportunity,

    Love Georgie xxx

    I have also left you an award!:) congratulations xxx

  15. I have followed your Facebook page as Ana QueenBee
    I love the look of your blog it is very cute and I like the way your personality comes through in all your post.I honestly don't think there's anything you need to improve on.

  16. I liked your FB as Adeola Naomi Aderemi.
    I absolutely love your blog, you have a lot of details on make up,beauty and your natural and ecological conscience about the products you use always but sometimes I also will like to see you in some outfit more.
    Your blog is great and so are you!

  17. Suc a sweat blog :)
    My favourite thing about your blog is your layout!! It is so darn cute!! I love your NOTD posts and your DIY posts (especially the hair treatment post!! Can't wait to try that out!!)
    I liked your facebook page under Kathleen Stelmacker :)

  18. i like the fb page :)
    i absolutely love your blog because there are so different info and advices about beauty, it's important because i always need of them. I really like the way you make up, so the best word i can use is THANKS!
    Beautiful giveaway, i hope to win :)

    p.s. your blog is perfect, i don't think it needs more to be amazing :)

  19. I liked your Facebook page as Emer Brennan
    What I love about your blog is the layout defiantly,your posts are really interesting and enjoyable to read so if I was to ask you to change something about your blog I couldn't really say because there isn't anything in my opinion that needs changing :)


  20. I've liked your Facebook page, Sian Lacey. I'll also like it with my blogs Facebook page too.

    I love the pictures on your blog. Very clear, in focus and you capture the importance of the product.
    I don't think there is anything to change about your blog. It's clear, easy to read and the colours match the theme of the blog. Lovely :)

    Good luck ladies!

  21. I liked you page: Natalie Ellis

    I like the amount of pictures you use in your post as they really show the product well or whatever your blogging about and are really clear. If I'm being really picky about what you could change then I'd say write a little bit more in detail about your reviews so we really get what you think about the product (but thats being SO picky, haha!)


  22. Liked as Jean Jmfmf. More giveaways? :P


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