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Feb 28, 2013

♥ 30 Day Shred Challenge?

30 Day Shred Challenge
(see download link for free, at the bottom)
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Spontaneous as I am, after seeing yet another blogger/vlogger show their results of the Jilian Michael's 30 day shred challenge work out dvd- I randomly decided to download it and give it a go. I'm really glad I did because that is exactly what you should do when you take up a challenge, whatever kind of challenge it is- just do it, and do it straight away

I'm gonna be a little different and not post loads of skinny girl fitspo/thinspo whatever you want to call it, because they truly don't inspire me. I wouldn't aim to be like anyone else I don't have any role model but I do know that I am super unfit at the moment so I will just do this work out and get more toned :) What motivates me to be healthy is seeing pictures of nice and healthy food, so I am gonna post some of my old Instagram pics instead. (didn't realise how many I had until I wrote this)

What made me want to do this challenge?
The fact that I've seen real results, not amazing- but very good. The first results I saw was Maureen's from MyEverydayTreats, see her post here, she has got an amazing body! I then saw Beauty Crush Sammi's results in her video and they were amazing. However hard-to-convince as I am, I didn't think more of it. That was until today, when I saw another bloggers results on the front page of Hello Cotton, see here. Her results were really great too. Again, didn't think more of it until I randomly a few hours ago decided to download this work out and see what the fuss was about. To me it looked like the main difference was that they toned up their stomach area very well- which is what I want to do. Oh also, I feel like he blogging community is great with spreading challenges and encouraging people to join, latest one being the "spending ban". Unfortunately this doesn't appeal to me as I don't have any problem with not buying stuff I don't need. I have also seen quite a few work out challenges on Tumblr and Instagram floating around.

How does it work?
Well the work out DVD (or downloaded version) consists of three different workouts of 20-30 minutes each. They are called Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. So what you are meant to do is to do Level 1 every day for ten days, then Level 2 every day for ten days and then Level 3 every day for ten days. The idea behind the workouts is to use "muscle confusion" which is why you can't get these super fast results. Muscle confusion means that you switch workouts, switch between cardio and strength and then switch it up as you get used to a certain work out routine.

Update Day1:
So as I said, I've already done my first work out (update: I'm on day 3 now). You need a pair of quite light dumbbells, and a exercise mat if you wish. I would say that this work out wasn't more than 20-25 minutes in total. There is obviously the introduction to this whole thing and in the end a quick stretch. The workout was just a mix of legs, abz and cardio and I would say it wasn't too hard, absolutely not I'm-dying hard. The toughest part for me was the lunges while working out the arms at the same time, using dumbbells. Arms are my weakest part and my dumbbells are the ones I use for leg work outs- so they are a lot heavier than the ones the use in the video.

Update Day3:
I'd say this will be a killer workout only for the person who has practically never worked out. I haven't worked out in months and I didn't find it very hard (don't get me wrong, it was tough like any work out, but nothing amazingly tough). I also use 8.9 lbs (4 kg) dumbbells where they use 3 (1.4 kg) & 5 lbs (2.3 kg). dumbbells in the video, and the dumbbells in the work out are mainly used for arms and arms are my weaker point lol. I didn't have much of a muscle ache after Day1 but today I have a bad muscle ache in my upper body, and moderate in my lower.
Please note: I'm not a professional but I'd say the stretches in the video are pretty bad, they are just too short & she doesn't even show how to stretch all the muscles used in the workout. Add some extra stretches after every work out!

The next updates will be day 10 (after level 1 is finished), day 20 and final results at day 30.

So I probably shouldn't be posting download links but I figured since I heard the whole work out is on Youtube, it probably doesn't matter. Download the work out here 

People who have joined so far (let me know if I should add you to the list):

Have you done this type of fitness challenge and
will you be joining me in this challenge?
Any work out tips?


Update: I've now done 3 days, because I wanted to make sure I would actually continue the challenge before "announcing" it on the blog.


  1. Thanks for mentioning me! I'm excited to have a work out buddy even though it's via the word wide web lol.

  2. I want to join!!! Let's do it!

    www.theeliteebony. com

  3. This is great. I've been hearing a lot about her workout also and I've been wanting to try it... I will now. :) Best of luck on yours - i cant wait to see your updates!

    Angela @ the Lovely Cup

  4. interesting!!! nice challenge,wow am begining to think if i have any role model too haha.. not sure.
    have a lovely weekend.

  5. Sounds like fun, I will check this out at home but I think I could make that ;)


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