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Feb 21, 2013

♥ New in: Wet & Wild Palettes & Glass Nail File

 New in: Wet & Wild Palettes & Glass Nail File

Again, I've done the "I've prepared the whole blog posts, edited pics, but for some reason I'm not writing and publishing" lol. Anywho, I've been a bit tired since I got back from Sweden. I did buy a few things in Sweden that I am soo excited about.

Wet & Wild Palettes  E246 Greed Gourmandise & E247 Pride Orgueil
I've been wanting to try this brand for really long, since it is (from what I've understood) a US bargain makeup brand. And oh my, I am so impressed. Just from the swatches above I could see that the mattes are incredibly pigmented ( swatched once, no primer ) and so are the shimmers in the green/blue palette. However, the shimmers in the palette greed gourmandise as you can see, are not pigmented at all. My guess is that the idea is that you pair these shadows together. And the silver shade is so cool, when swatched it turns silver/gold.

Claudia Glass Nail File
I'd seen these in Boots a few times but the one there cost something ridiculous like £19 so I didn't think more about it. Now that I was in Sweden, I saw it in a department store for £8 and I decided to get it. Because lately I've discovered that my nails have really been splitting every time I've used a regular nail file (emery boards) and there was nothing I could do about it. After trying this I LOVE IT, I'll probably never file my nails with a regular nail file again lol. This did not split my nails at all!

 DEPEND Top & Base Coat:
You might or might not remember that last time in Sweden I got a "all round" coat from this brand which was a-amazing! However, this time I couldn't find it anywhere, not sure if it was discontinued so I settled for these two.

Have you tried the brand Wet &Wild?
& Do you use a glass nail file?



  1. I saw on Instagram where you found some Wet N Wild products! Awesome... This is one of my favorite drugstore brands by far! Its good you found those palettes because I think that they've been discontinued in the states! Now they just make the 8 color, color icon palettes and the trios. I miss these because the mattes in these palettes are perfect! And now I need to look into getting a glass file, my nails are horrible right now!

  2. great review ,new follower
    love wet n wild ;)
    follow back, if you like ;)

  3. I really want a Wet & Wild palette! I need to get myself over to the states (or Sweden). The colours look so pigmented, very nice!

  4. Good to know they're pigmented, this is my main concern when i buy make up, will try this brand. Thanks!

  5. I love the colors in those palettes! I need to get my hands on them lol


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