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Feb 16, 2013

♥ iPad Guide: Beauty & Fashion Bloggers iPad Guide

iPad Guide: Beauty &Fashion Bloggers iPad


I am so excited to share this post. I came up with the idea a while ago, but I've been too lazy to post it as I knew I wanted this post to be quite thorough and organised as well as contain a lot of pictures. I realised that even though some apps are an absolute must have for myself, that doesn't mean everyone knows about them or how to use them.

I will cover:

  • Photo editing on iPad
  • Socialising/Social media on iPad
  • Blogging on the iPad
  • Reading blogs on the iPad

Before I start I just wanted to share some basics first. To start with, an internet connection to your iPad is essential. If you have an iPhone I am sure you know that you can share your phone's internet with your iPad or iPod. If you didn't know how to do this: 

Go to settings || Personal hotspot || on || then choose to connect via bluetooth/usb/wifi ||

Also, I wanted to share a great buyer for iPad cases. I got mine for only £6.99 or so from this buyer, and I also got the Stylus pen with it (the "pen" you can use on an iPad screen) and a free screen protector. 

Social Media on the iPad

Padgram: Instagram on your iPad, only with a bigger screen. I actually prefer this to the iPhone version. You can also subscribe to hashtags and "follow" them.

Pinterest: A really great app with amazing design. It works just as good as on the laptop, and I definitely prefer the iPad version.

Google+: I am still not very into Google+ but I do share my posts there and occasionally browse for hashtags. Really great layout!

Twitter: Another app I prefer on the iPad. It's just like the iPhone app but obviously with a bigger screen. 
Tips: You can "separate" your iPad keyboard into two small keyboard, which allows you to type the same way as on your phone, vertically. 

Reading Blogs

Now to the best part. I constantly read blogs on the iPad, I actually don't read any blogs on the laptop, I just don't think it is convenient. Here are my favourite apps.

G-Whizz: I only use this app for the Google Reader, but it has got Facebook, Twitter etc built in as well, as you can see in the picture. Plain layout and great keeping up with your unread posts.

Flipboard: This is my favourite app ever! I used this in my iPhone, I use it in my bf iPad before I got my iPad as well. You can add feeds like Google Reader (your blogs), news or any website to your Flipboard. It allows you to flick through your content in a nice magasine looking layout (see bottom pic on the right) 

1 Photo editing

So first of we've got the photography and photo editing apps. All of the apps in the picture are free except for iPhoto & iMovie. You are definitely able to do quite a lot, and some quite good on the iPad. For me, it's enough for some pics, and not enough for some. However, I have understood that everyone isn't big on/good at editing and doesn't use editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop- if this is you, this might be perfect for you! For me it's great for products review pictures and I've done a lot of editing on the bus to save some time.

PS Express (I've used this for editing in these posts)

 This app is perfect for auto sharpening a pic that is a bit blurry, and it is also very easy to quickly edit contrast, brightness, temprature etc.
My favourite thing is the border, as you can see in the picture of the Magnifibre Brush on Mascara, I've added a white round border. You might have noticed I use this for all my pictures but I usually do it on my laptop in photoshop, this is soo much easier!
Handy Tip: Edit your pictures on the go using this app, on the bus for example. Then enable "Photo Stream" and they will automatically get upload to your lappy when you are home. Alternatively, upload them to the blogger app as a draft and then finish off the post when you get home.


If you own a MacBook you are probably familiar with this app. However, this is the iPad version. It is pretty similar to the PS Express app where you can make quick fixes like contrast etc. This is also a photo viewing app just as on the MacBook and has got a pretty nice layout. As you can see on the right picture, one of the albums is Photo Stream, this means that in this album, your most recent photos (from the last 30 days) will be available on all chosen devices.
Next in line is iMovie* which I will not show a picture of, nor explain as I haven't used it. However, I am sure this will come in handy for Vloggers.

If your wondering what that Cartoon like drawing is in the PhotoStream album, it was my boyfriend playing about with a drawing app on my iPad lol :)

Pic Stitch , Touch Blur & Collage:

1 Pic Stitch. This is a great app! It is really easy to use and works really well. Perfect for creating a sleek collage style picture for a makeup looks. That is exactly what I did in  my Pretty Purple FOTD. Some of you might have this on iPhone as well, but it works just as well on the iPad. A must have!

2. Touch Blur: Well this is an obvious one, great for blurring out text you want unseen, or for just blurring out backgrounds.

3. Collage: This is amazing and so easy to use, perfect for wish list or fashion collages.

Blogging from your iPad

This is the only downside, there doesn't seem to be a way to blog from your iPad, getting all the features you do when you blog on your laptop.

Blogger App: This is a very basic app (right pic) but it needs a lot of improvement. You can upload pictures, type but you can't see your pics while you are typing so they will all be position on after the other. I use it to create a draft if I've edited pictures on my iPad.
Homescreen bookmarks: Below the blogger app, you can see my bookmark which is for pending comments. This page works fine on the iPad and it has really helped me to manage to answer all my blog comments. Also use this feature to add your favourite blogs to your home screen! :) 

What are your favourite iPad apps for blogging?


*Apps that are NOT free 


  1. wow this is such a great post! great job! :-) I have never blogged from iPad :( I will download these apps! thank you so much!

  2. I really like the app "picfx" for editing..!! p.s I am your new follower..!

  3. I love this post! Ive found some great apps here that ive downloaded! I use the blogger app too! X

  4. Aww this is rally good - thanks for sharing :)

  5. Love this post I just wish that the blogger app would improve already

  6. The photo editing feature looks really neat. Just love how sleek your iPad looks.

  7. Oh wow great information! Thank you for sharing this :)
    The photo editing app looks so convenient !

    ps. hosting a giveaway on my blog, check it out? ;)

  8. Yolandaa, you've made my iPad NEED extremely high now... I have started a fund wish me luck :)

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