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Feb 18, 2013

♥ Beauty Travel Essentials

Short Stay Beauty Travel Essentials 

Since I am only staying in Sweden for four days, I am travelling without luggage (because with Ryan Air that costs extra, and this way I can get away with a really cheap flight). So I thought I'd show you what I packed beauty wise, in a tiny tiny suitcase!

Skin care:

  • Shower Gel: Mini travel size Original Size Lemon Tea Tree Shower Gel (50ml)
  • Face Wash: CLINIQUE 7 day scrub cream (50ml)
  • Almond Oil: To use as a hair sealant, makeup remover, body and nail oil.
  • Bodyshop Sample: Bodyshop Pomegranate firming day cream

! A great, but cheeky tip if you are travelling: Go to Bodyshop and ask for a sample for your face cream, you could also do hand cream, foot cream or anything that goes in a small jar.


  • Water Bottle: Will add a tiny bit of conditioner & water to this, as a leave in conditioner/detangler. (Oil to seal with is in the skin care pic above)
  • Small Roller sets; for curling my fringe like in my flat twist/curly fringe hair style, tutorial here.
  • Hair Clips & Bobbi Pins
  • Brushes: Wide tooth comb & a slick brush

Are you a heavy or light packer :) ?
I am only here to see family & friends so I don't see the point in bringing anything other than
the essentials.


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  1. That was great, packing only the essentials! I usually try to pack light and I usually bring one palette like the coastal scents so I can have options!!

  2. Totally agree with the Clinique scrub. I just went to Cali with it, and it's a lifesaver.

  3. I am going away soon and I really need to pack as light as possible. I will be getting some of those clear bottles and putting my sealant oil, body lotion and hair moisturizer in them.

    Thanks for the post :)

  4. I love the Clinique 7 day scrub soap! :-)

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  6. Great products hun, I wish I was a light packer Lawd knows how much products I carry for 2day trip ha! Last time my dad asked me if I had brought half e bathroom lol

  7. Great post! I love the original source shower gel, gonna pack some for my holiday later this year :) xx

  8. You're an amazingly light packer! The makeup in particular is really minimal - but I'm sure will serve you well :)

  9. Nice post, very informative. love love the clinique 7 day scrub.

  10. Great post))) I am a heavy packer and I love to learn new tips and tricks, how to take less with me, when I am travelling)))

  11. Great products! I am always a heavy packer lol


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