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Feb 14, 2013

♥ Cut Crease Eyes: A different galaxy

Cut Crease Eyes: A different galaxy

This is a look I came up with when I just wanted to experiment a little, the result was this, a dramatic cut crease eye look. The colour choices were random as well, as I just improvised.

What I used for this look:
  • Sleek Sparkle 2 Palette: Mulled Wine
  • Sleek Sparkle 2 Palette: Starry Night
  • NYC Eyeshadow palette: Primer/White Base
  • COMPANY: Liquid Eyeliner
  • Inika: Organic Black Eyeliner
  • Loreal: Telescopic Mascara                                    

What do you think of this look?
 Have you done something similar?



  1. Now I want the Sleek Sparkle 2 palette! This look is stunning. I've actually never worn a cut crease.

  2. Fab look! It's so dramatic yet wearable. Love the color combo too :)


  3. wow it looks amazing! your eyes are beautiful!

  4. so gorgeous hun,love it!havent attempted this im too lazy to do cut crease looks haha! happy valentines lovely!

  5. You are stunning and your eyes look fab!! I would never be able to pull that off, love it :)


  6. haha yes I found it a little bit weird but I thought those were only swatches and you are going to review this palette later;-)

  7. This looks so gorgeous! The mulled wine shadow is so pretty, definitely need that sleek palette!

  8. Your make-up is soo gorgeous!


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