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Dec 15, 2012

♥ BbloggersXmas Event

BbloggersXmas Event

I can't believe I managed to get this post up already! Today I went to Lola & Victoria's #bbloggersxmas event. It was in London, at Canary Wharf in Rebook bar. The picture below is of the view from the bar. Big thanks to Lola & Victoria for a great event, well planned and at a great venue. Not to mention a maaassive goodie bag!

I met loads of lovely bloggers, here are EpiphannieA, Natalie from Beauty Pulse, Sorry I didn't catch this lady's name (if you see this, comment and I'll change this), Stephanie, Kawaii Nails. I do realise I've named some people by their name, and some by their blog sorry!

The massive goodie bag! It took ages to unravel everything, and I don't even have space for this many products :o 

 I know everyone might not be fine with people uploading pics of them.. so if you are in any of the pics below, and don't want to be, I will deleted asap :)

Me & Abi

Minty Essence & Abi

Oh, and I also met lovely Grace from Allthatslap, Mez from Mezmadeup and Ronke from Ondolady 

Sorry if I forgot someone, if I did, just comment and tell me your blog link :) 



  1. aww im so gutted i could not make this, im glad all you ladies had a fabulous meet up :-)

  2. Such a quick write up! Love the pictures :) was lovely to meet you xx

  3. Hii it looks like a great event and looks like you had a great time. Wish I lived in London so I could come down and meet bloggers too *sad face* xx

  4. Looks like u had a fab time. Canary wharf jus 20mins from me but alas couldn't be there. U look gorj hun, lovely pics as well x


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