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Dec 28, 2012

♥ Transitioning Diaries Pt.7- Straightened hair style

How to straighten transitioning hair

I thought it was time for a hair care post, for you naturals & fellow transitioners :) The other two times during my transitioning that I straightened my hair, it was really random and out of the blue- and I didn't even blow dry my hair before. I just straightened it as it was. This time I took the time to properly prepare my hair to get straightened by deep conditioning and blow drying.

Since the last time I straightened (see here), I've cut about half an inch or an inch of damaged ends. I don't have a set day or anything when I trim my hair, I just do it when I see ridiculously damaged ends- not a nice look!

Any transitioning/natural hair tips :) 
Or product recommendations me?


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    1. I wish you a Happy New Year!!! Full with peace, love, health and prosperity!!
      ★ Feliz Año Nuevo ★

      Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    2. When my new growth comes in and I want a straight look, I usually rollerset my hair. When it's dry I wrap my hair and cover it with cling film and sit under the dryer for about 10 - 15 min. My hair comes out really straight this way. And best of all is that you don't have to use direct heat so overall it's better for your hair :) I've seen tutorials on youtube of women who are all natural that do this method and the results are lovely.

      Hope this helps

    3. You're welcome :) You can achieve the straight look it doesn't matter how much new growth you have. The keyy is to make sure the hair is very wet and that you keep the hair tight while rolling. I personally don't use these rollers:

      With those I don't need the hair clips.

      This is a great tutorial of an all natural lady:


    4. I keep answering on your blog because I don't know if you'll see my answer if I do it on my blog LOL! The rollers are called "Snap on magnetic rollers" Looking at your hair I think the pink and orange rollers will be a good size. Maybe even the purple ones.

    5. Great post hun, love ur hair so healthy&beautiful!


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