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Oct 28, 2012

♥ Bargain Beauty Essentials

Bargain Beauty Essentials

I thought it would be a good idea to do this post after I reviewed the conditioner below. These are my beauty, or shall I say skin care essentials that I get from Poundland!! Which means they are obviously £1 each, which is incredibly cheap for these products (some of them are multi packs)

1 Scrubbing Gloves: An easy way to exfoliate your body if you run out of body scrub. A lot of shops sell these for anything from £2-10.. probably more sometimes. I think it would be completely ridiculous to buy that much for something that simple. These have lasted for really long, after every use I wash them thoroughly with soap, and after 2-3 uses I wash them in the washing machine.

2. Nail brush: These actually came in a pack of 10 or so! All in different shapes. Ill never have to buy a nail brush every again. Essential for someone who always get's dirt under their nails despite showering and cleaning them every day.

3. Nair Hair Remover Wax stripes: These work soo well. You hardly even have to heat them up between you hands. Yes I have tried the "proper" brand ones like Veet for like £7-8. And YES they do exactly the same thing. The ingredients are good too.

4. Nair Hair Removal Cream: Same as with the wax stripes, it works just as well at the Veet one (in fact I have an old Veet one still at home and I prefer the Nair one). In difference to other hair removal creams it doesn't smell disgusting, you know that strong smell, right lol. It really does smell like raspberry and is just as strong/ effective as the Veet one.

5. Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Conditioner: See my review (here) or scroll down. This is amazing, I hadn't even heard of this brand before. A short, fairly natural ingredient list with natural Tea Tree Oil and Hydrolised Collagen.

6. Pack of like 20-30 nail files in different shapes, lengths and thicknesses (lol): Great big pack with every single type of nail fail you can imagine, think ones, wide ones, thick ones, slim ones, short ones. The ones you can put in your to go makeup bag and the ones you keep at home.

Shopping Beauty products are Poundland.. Hmm?
In the UK there has actually been a documentary questioning Poundland, and their beauty products. Or to be more precise, makeup. Personally I wouldn't get makeup from Poundland. The documentary said that they sold out of date product etc which I am not surprised about because you only have to glance at their nail varnishes and supposedly "Rimmel" products etc to see that they look super dodgy lol.

Do you have a place where you buy really cheap stuff like this?



  1. Good Post.
    Pound land and Wilkinson is where I get my toiletries. I always bulk buy when they have a sale going on.
    Great tip at sticking the exfoliating gloves in the washing machine, I will start doing this.
    They are great for cleansing the body especially if like me you use body creams daily.
    Luv M

  2. I have a home bargains in my town so I pick up budget beauty there. I usually get stuff like face wipes, cotton pads and nail varnish remover. They have the odd skincare item sometimes.


  3. Ooh you can get some real gems in poundland! :)

  4. Love posts like these, its always great to get a bargain :) x

    One Little Vice


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