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Oct 10, 2012

♥ FOTD Curly, Golden & Bright

FOTD Curly, Golden & Bright A very simple face of today. 

This is a really easy look, and on days when I just feel like doing a quick every day eyeshadow look- this is what I will wear. Only takes a few minutes bit can do quite a lot.

  • Eyeshadows: From this NYC eyeshadow palette
  • Eyebrows: Using this Viva La Diva eyebrow pencil
  • Lips: This lipstick - my newest bright pink MUA lipstick (They are all in the same haul post)

What do you think of this look & what's your everyday look?



  1. i love this look on you!love the hair!!!its growing very nicely

  2. I love your hair...very pretty!

  3. love your make up and hair do !


  4. Aw you look gorgeous :) the lipstick really suits you! I'm having a cool RedRock Giveaway if you wanna check it out :) xx

  5. sv; haha ja den finns väl inte här i sverige då ;D attans.. ;p
    tack tack :D

  6. You look gorgeous, love the lipstick. Gorgeous colour!

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  7. I love the lip color, it suits you very well, pink is one of my favorite color as well. You are a good makeup artist. Thanks for sharing!

  8. you're gorgeous...simple as that :)

  9. Thought I left a comment before, oooohps maybe not! U look so pretty as usual!

  10. Thought I left a comment before, oooohps maybe not! U look so pretty as usual!

  11. Gorgeous! :) My every day look is just winged liner and lots of mascara. xo

  12. Wow, love the lip colour!! you look stunning hun, adore the lip colour and the hair is wicked!

    I've actually JUST did a daily look post too! hope you like!



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