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Oct 22, 2012

♥ Review Collection (2000) Shade 5, Passionfruit

Review Collection (2000) Shade 5, Passionfruit (£2.99)

This is the lipstick I used on my most recent fotd, I bought it a while a go searching for a coral coloured lipstick. I only wore it once or twice and then stopped using it because I didn't like the formula. Yesterday I decided to try it again, and I quite like it. 

As you can see above and in the swatch below it has golden flicks in it. I wouldn't say that they are visible when you wear it, but it still gives a nice effect.

This is what it looks like on, it looks a tad "flaky" I suppose in the pictures, but they are close ups. The formula is very creamy and super pigmented.

What do you think of this?



  1. This looks so nice on the lips! I didn't think I would like it in the bullet but it's actually really nice :) suits you xx

  2. That is such a pretty colour and it really suits you

  3. Dude! Your swatches are amazing! What camera/lens do you use?? Also, this colour looks amazing on you. I've never used corals but this may tempt me. Great post!

  4. Wow I think it looks so gorgeous and I need to buy it right now! It looks great on your skin tone. I would hope it looks the same on me :)

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  5. Jättefin färg, verkligen jättehärlig!

  6. This lipstick colour is Gorgeous!! And very pigmented on!! Defo one to look out for!!
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