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Oct 4, 2012

♥ DIY Hair Deep Conditioner

DIY HAIR DEEP CONDITIONER This is a super easy DIY for you guys. I have to admit I haven't used a deep conditioner in a long while. Before I used to always use them when I washed my hair, instead of conditioner. But since I found my favourite detangling conditioner from Tresemme I just haven't been bothered. If you are the same as me, you have a favourite affordable conditioner, but would like a deep conditioner once in a while, this is the DIY for you!

What is a deep conditioner? I don't know what it is technically but in my own words I would say that it is a conditioner with extra:

  • Nourishment (Oils, Butters Etc.)
  • Protein (Silk, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Etc)
  • Moisture (Glycerin, Honey)

So what can you add to your own conditioner?

  • For nourishment: Oils & Butters like Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil etc. For an itchy scalp add Peppermint Essential Oil
  • For protein: Avocado, Egg (If you add egg, don't apply any heat to your head), Mayonnaise
  • For moisture: Honey, glycerin (If you have that lying around, I don't lol) 

I didn't have any avocado, mayonnaise at this time and I wanted to apply heat so I didn't use an egg. Instead I used a conditioner containing a lot of protein. For moisture I used honey and for extra nourishment I used Olive Oil. This is not my oil of choice but I had some to finish.

Ps. If you have all the ingredients I listed above the last pic- you can them on your own, just make sure you blend them properly. Check out my DIY Protein Treatment here (using similar ingredients):

Do you deep condition your hair? What do you use? :)



  1. I love how you've explained it so well, I tend to go for more nourishing and moisturising masks. For me, my perfect DIY deep conditioner would be conditioner, coconut milk and coconut oil with a bit of honey for good measure. Soft, silky smooth and moistured hair for days!

  2. I always go for the Avocado Olive oil and egg choice!
    Great diy and thanks so much for your lovely comment sweetie.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Nice mix, I always use Honey,Olive & Coconut oil and I add to conditioner of choice.

    p.s I would have tried a brownie but didn't want to do it alone and the Boy didn't fancy it!.


  4. im gonna have to try this! thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. I deep condition my hair like once a month I find it very helpful. I use Miss Jessie deep conditioner but I am going to try your diy

  6. Seriously, love this. Thank you for sharing! I usually just use coconut oil once a week. I like to leave it in over night then follow when my normal shampoo and conditioner. It keeps my long locks shiny and healthy! But I can't wait to try this!

  7. Thank you for sharing this diy! :D


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