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Oct 31, 2012

♥ FOTD: Straightened Hair

FOTD: Straightened Hair

This is what I look like today. A sight you haven't seen for long, and won't see for long again, except for this week :) Straightened hair! My relaxed ends look so much lighter, my hair always get bleached very quickly in the sun so I actually don't think it's due to the relaxer, but in these pics you can really see the difference.

Love the Neal's Yard & Remedies bronzer for contouring :)

 What did I use for this look?

  • Eyebrow: Eyebrow Pencil from Viva La Diva
  • Eyeshadows: INGLOT
  • Bronzer: Neal's Yard  Remedies
  • Lipstick: Calvin Klein
  • BB Cream: BodyShop (*) 

Please note: I had this interesting discussion about air brushing last #bbloggers chat. So since the BB cream is a new product, please not that I use "soft skin effect" which is a setting on my camera guys. I thought this was obvious but every one might not realise". If I review a face cream, foundation, bb cream I will obviously NOT use this setting. Since my FOTD's are in no way reviews, I will continue to use this setting because I just think it looks nice.

Check out my right (left in the picture) eyebrow?! It looks so nice compared to the other one.. Does anyone else have the same problem, that one eyebrow always turns out really nice and the other one looks terrible. It's the same with mascara for me.

What do you think about this look & my hair guys?



  1. love this look&u look so beautiful hun x

  2. Absolutely in love with your blog! I have you bookmarked and I'm also now following. Great stuff. Keep in touch!

    Kimberly of

  3. lol this happens with liquid eyeliner for me. It's my right side that comes out wrong and I always have to fix it lol

  4. Pretyy...I so want your hair....absolutely love ur hairline x

  5. You look really pretty!
    And your skin is flawless :) so jealous!


  6. Oh That's lovely that your camera has that setting. Must be a high end one.

    Your FOTD posts are lovely. Keep doing them. Obviously, if you want to review something, you would show it as it is.

    I love your hair straight. You should wear it like that more.


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