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Oct 25, 2012

♥ The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Milk

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Milk

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Description: "This lightweight spray-on body moisturiser has the scent of fresh roses || Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother || Rose scent" . I bought this because I've been dying for a spray body lotion because I thought it would be great for every day use. The fact that it has a means it's super quick to use daily after showering and best of all, it's really easy to distribute evenly on the skin- reaching places we tend to neglect like our backs.

Ingredient check (view Full list here): 

Silicones √ 
Mineral Oil / 
Parabens √ 
Butylene/Propylene Glycol /
Sulfates /

Result: This actually surprised me positively. After having a look at the ingredient list I gathered that due to a lot of silicones, the main use for this would probably be to smooth the skin for daily use, as opposed to nourish it. After using it after showering everyday since I bought it, I've been proven wrong. Every morning before showering (at this point i showered 24h ago) I've checked the state of my skin, not dry at all. Not even my legs!

Conclusion: Perfect for every day use or for non dry skin. Won't leave your skin feeling dry in between uses and is super handy to bring for travelling, or even to spray on wet skin after showering to lock in moisture. 

Have you tried this? Have you tried the Moroccan Rose Products?


  1. I will try this simply because I like the bottle so girly lol thanx for the review darling

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