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Oct 29, 2012

♥ Body Shop Haul :)

BodyShop Haul

Oh my god, I don't know what it's like in other countries but in the UK (or at least London) when you expect a delivery that needs to be delivered personally to you- it's just a hassle!
To start with, they cannot say when they will come which means they can come anytime from 9-7 and you have to stay home all day to receive the parcel. This delivery company however seemed as though they were unable to knock on the door, or even give a little shout seeing as I was home BOTH times when they first tried to deliver it to me. Please note I've never Not heard anyone knocking on the door before so I just think these people need to knock a little harder.

Anyway, I finally got the parcel today and was so relieved, no more waiting around all day. Some of the things I had ordered (see what here), and the rest were sent to me.

  • The BodyShop Cucumber Refreshening Water (Toner)
  • The BodyShop Cucumber Cleansing Milk
  • The BodyShop DeoDry dry effect deodorant (contains no aluminium) 
  • The BodyShop Water Melon Body Lotion (I've swatched it, it was surprisingly rich and smelled yummy)
  • The BodyShop Chocomania Beautifying Oil (*), Dry Oil for body, face & hair. (Guys this is light weight and smells amazing, you know I love the Chocomania range, mentioned here & here)
  • The BodyShop Amazonian Wild Lily Eau De Toilette (*) (Not to big on flowery scents, but a great every day scent. Really needed as well since my perfumes are running out)
  • The BodyShop Coconut Flavoured Lip Gloss (*) (very shimmery light pink gloss which smells amazing)
  • The BodyShop Melon Flavoured Lip Gloss (*) (oh my god. Yummy!)
  • The BodyShop All in One BB Cream (*) Colour Adapting Tinted Cream (I am so intrigued by this. I swatch it on my hand and it turned from white to my exact skin tone, can't wait to try)- And yeah I'm a BB Cream Virgin :o

What do you think of my haul?
Have u tried any of these things?



  1. great haul, i love the watermelon body lotion x


  2. I'm delighted to see you on my blog. <3

  3. I didn't know there was a Chocomania Beautifying Oil, yum! Now I'm curious about that BB Cream too, hopefully you will review it sometimes x

  4. wow great haul!
    I have the cucumber cleansing milk too~ the smell is kinda annoying at first, but now after I'vealready finished 1 bottle, I don't really bother with the smell he5.. I also try the beautifying oil (but strawberry scent)~ it really helps for dry skin!

  5. I've always bought Body Shop products instore and after reading this I think I'll continue, it must have been so annoying waiting for them to deliver! Great haul though, the BB cream sounds good :) xx

  6. Awesome haul, I love Body Shop products. They have some great offers on their website at the moment, I'm very tempted to treat myself :) Love the look of the lip glosses, the coconut one especially sounds lovely x

  7. Wow, great products :) I hope you will do reviews ♥

  8. GREAT HAUL!!!!!!!!
    Follow me?


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