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Oct 9, 2012

♥ Your guide to pretty nails


1. Vitamins Make sure you body gets enough vitamins. Biotin is known to make your nails and hair grow faster, but taking multivitamins everyday and having a healthy lifestyle will do. Even though you eat super healthy you might want to consider taking multivitamin since a lot of food these days are processed and doesn't contain as much vitamins as they originally would.

2. Nail Buffer Even if you constantly wear nail varnish or get acrylic nails, don't neglect your own nails. For super shiny nails use the "flatter" side and to even out a broken nail use the harsh side. If you have a problem with ridges on your nails, you can use the semi harsh side to gentle smooth them out. Do not overdo it though since it can cause your nails to get thinner!

3. Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Choose one that is Acetone Free & contains Vitamin E. Acetone is really harsh for your nails, and unnecessary since an acetone free works just as well. When removing your polish, generously pour some remover onto a cotton bud and then dab it onto your nail and keep it thee for 5 seconds. After that, begin to "wipe" the polish of. It's more gentle, and quicker than rubbing it back and forth on your nails.

4. Base Coat Always apply a base coat to your nails before using your normal nail varnish. If you don't, your nails can get stained. That is not the look you want to go for- yellow infected looking nails :/ The base coat in the picture is a two in one base & top coat and I am yet to review it.

5. A cuticle stick Once a week or two times a month might be a good idea to push your cuticles down. Some places sell "cuticle remover gels" and these are not necessary unless you don't leave your cuticles untouched for Months. Use the sharp side to gentle remove dirt from under your nails daily or as often as needed.

6. Hand Cream Your saviour on the go! Anytime during the day that you wash your hands, don't forget to use your hand cream afterward. Dry cuticle is the worst look ever and you want to keep your hand itself moisturised too. Using a hand cream with SPF might be a good idea as you are getting older. The hand cream in the picture is yet to be reviewed..

7. A Super Pretty Nail File Just for one reason- it's pretty! I don't even use this often, as I said, I only have it because it's pretty lol. This super glittery one is from The BodyShop and I think I got it on sale a while ago, see what else I bought from BodyShop in this post.

8. Cuticle/Nail Oil Last, but not least- the most important of them all. Your nails need to be nourished daily to not become dry and break off. If you nails tend to split easily, it might be a good idea to use one containing Vitamin E. Remember, the Vitamin E molecule is too big to get absorbed on its own, so make sure you mix it with the right oil. I've explained it all in this post: DIY- Vitamin E- Jojoba & Sweet Orange Nail Oil

What are you best tips for healthy nails?


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  1. Thank you honey for the sharing very helpful indeed

  2. Such a good post there aren't enough "nail care" posts !!

    I'm running a jewellery giveaway atm if your interested hun :)


  3. Such a great and helpful post hun :D


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