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Oct 29, 2012

♥ Cheap Home Gym for the Winter

Cheap Home Gym for the Winter

For me, my biggest problem with going to the gym, is literally going there. I don't like travelling there I just think it's a hassle. And it doesn't make me more motivated that it is now autumn and soon winter, which means I'll be freezing to death while travelling to the gym.

Now, a home gym doesn't have to be a treadmill, cross trainer and other expensive and massive equipment. For me, it could be as simple as this.

Home gym equipment essentials:
-A pair of at least 4 kg (141 ounces/8.8 lb) dumbbells
-An exercise mat

Uses: Dumbbells are great for both arm and leg exercises. For legs, do your lunges or squatswhile holding the weights.

-Ankle weights (get them here: ebay

Uses: Perfect for doing leg kicks, donkey kicks, rover's revenge and other leg and glute work outs.

How do you keep fit during the colder months?



  1. I have a couple of sets of weights, a yoga mat, and some exercise I just need to stop being lazy and actually use them! I actually prefer little exercise routines at home versus a gym membership any time of the year, just because I don't like working out around other people. :D

  2. I love this...:)

  3. I usde to go to the gym but with the baby coming soon, i'll probably train at home like you do!But going to the gym motivates me more than doing it at home by myself (always find something else to do)...

  4. hahah yea I changed everything. I jut felt my old blog name was a little negative, not bad but I wanted something more fun and my blog design was too crowded I was doing some research and blogs with a cleaner look do better :) And YES I'll do a natural hair post with a style this week :) I'm always looking for new ways to do my natural hair but sometimes I use extensions to switch it up a bit.

    But I'll work on something for this week :)

  5. we on the same page today, I bought some dumbbells the other day at Walmart, school is crazy so I try to go zumba once a week but been slacking lately.

    The dumbbells have really been useful lately,I found some video on youtube on how to use it correctly, been enjoying toning my hands and even feets with it.

    I had to return the dumbbells for a bigger one knowing I had the 5 kg, my hubby said if I want full effect, I should get a 10 kg. So far, it's been really helpful, loving the outcome already. It's so hard to do fitness when the weather is cold, dull , raining everytime. But using the dumbbells have been useful.

    HAve a good week dearie! I just bought some castor oil for my hair, have you used it before? I heard so many good reviews about Jamaican castor oil.

  6. you should also check out tabata training, which is a 4 minute high intensity workout. basically it's 4 rounds of 3/4 20 second high intensity activity (e.g burpees or high knee runs) followed by a 10 second rest. after one round you rest for 30 seconds and do the whole thing again or a different round of high intensity activity.

    if you incorporate that into your home workout, trust me when i say you will burn calories and get lean & toned! check out some videos on

    Also, thanks for check ing out my latest post and commenting; much appreciated x

  7. I just finished doing the Jillian michaels 30 day shred dvd - Review on my blog That's great to do during the winter as its only 20mins and works you hard.

    Also I came across a free Iphone App called Nike Training club, it has lots of work out routines lasting between 15-45mins, so the days when I can't get to the gym I will definitely be using that app.

    Another great post.


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