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Oct 17, 2012

♥ OPI Pretty Rally Pink

OPI Pretty Rally Pink NOTD

I have actually shown this shade before but I thought it would be pretty for autumn, which is why I decided to wear it today. It's also super hard to catch the shade on camera, I didn't manage to get any truly focused pics this time either, but here you go. Here is a link to the old post.

It's not super sheer, but you still needed three coats for it to be fully opaque.. it also took quite long to dry which is a minus.

 This pic is probably the most true to what it really looks like.

Have you tried this shade? Or its dupe Zoya Faye?



  1. Ooh, this is realllly pretty! :)

    Chelle x

  2. I need this, no doubt...i am in love with shades like this anyway and i plan on stocking up on OPIs!! Thanks for showing me this wonderful piece!

  3. Ooooohmygoodness. this polish is so pretty. that gold against that pink is so mesmerizing.

  4. Such a gorgeous shade honey, I love it!

  5. Gorgeous shade! I love it. :) Haven't tried this, or the Zoya, but I would, definitely :) xoxo <3

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  7. Gorgeous color on you. Fits your skin tone well. :-)

  8. Love an OPI polish and this one is just as stunning! Love the tones of the colour and the gold glitter which really stands out. I will be looking out for this colour for sure!! Also it looks pretty and suits you too.
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