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Oct 19, 2012

♥ The Body Shop, Curls, Garnier .... Empties!

Here comes my second ever EMPTIES post :) 

Quite a few, but they are not only over a month or so. Some of them I forgot to mention in my previous one, and some have been empty for long and I've just been to lazy to throw them away.

1. GARNIER Respons Avocado Oil & Shea Butter Shampoo- It says Balsam on it, which means Conditioner in Swedish. When I was in Sweden I got this from a cheapish Swedish Supermarket. You know one of those that might have some not so common products sometimes.I've never seen these Garnier products before but the conditioner was alright. It feels a bit "hard" on the hair (like it can feel when you do a protein treatment, not sure why since it doesn't contain any protein. Decent conditioner but nothing special.

2. OLIV Haircare Detangling Spray £6- Says "Balsamspray" on the bottle which is Swedish for moisturising spritz/detangling spray. LOVE this. I actually bought this twice during the 18 days I spent in Sweden. This is the perfect detangler for my transitioning afro hair! It contains no silicones, mineral oils or parabens. I would say that it is moisturising enough for afro hair, but still not heavy enough for straight/Caucasian hair. A bit to pricey considering it last me about 2 weeks though.

3 The Bodyshop HEMP Body Butter- Love this stuff too. I keep raving on about their HEMP range, but it really is the perfect products for dry or sensitive skin. Perfect for winter days to make sure your skin isn't feeling dry. Great ingredients with loads of Shea Butter. Bought it in a gift set.

4 The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream- A great everyday shower cream. It contains sulfates I think, but it isn't very drying. Smells amazing (when it's not out of date, which I think mine was lol).. if you like coconut that is.

5 Aloe Pura 99.9% Pure Aloe Vera Gel- Pure Aloe Vera gel. Bought this brand because it was cheaper than Holland & Barett's own brand (health store). Love using this in my hair instead of a hair gel to slick my hair back. I would say it has a light hold and it never leaves any residue in your hair and is easy to comb out when you wan't it gone.

6. Garnier 2-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask- This is great as a daily wash or a weekly face mask. It's cheap (£3-£4 or something) and lasts for long. It's a clay based wash and works well in fighting impurities. I wouldn't say it's great as a scrub since there is hardly any scrubbing effect to it. Reviewed here.

7 Jamaican Mango & Lime No more relaxer detangling/transitioning cream: This stuff smells amazing guy. Decent ingredient list with Shea Butter as 2/3rd ingredients. You can get it for £2.99, but the downside is it doesn't last for long. I mean if you use it for transitioning hair, even just on your new growth- this won't last long. Lovely for softening and detangling afro-y roots though.

8. Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner- Love this stuff. Semi natural with a lot of organic ingredients. Smells amazing of Caramel, which lingers in your hair for quite a while. It doesn't provide great slip (makes your hair silky and easy to detangle) and if you have afro hair, it won't last long considering how much conditioner our hair needs. So at £12 ( or was it £9) I won't repurchase this often. (Mentioned here (hair care regime post) and here (recent buys post) )

7. Gilly Hicks VELVET CASSIA Body Mist- A body mist from Gilly Hicks (Abercrombie and Hollisters other shop). Smells really really nice and lasts forever! I really enjoyed it, but as any body mist it doesn't exactly stay on forever.

Have you tried any of these? Any recent EMPTIES posts.. link them? 

Link: My first empties post


  1. I must check out the Body Shop Hemp line, I don't think I ever have but I love finding good moisturisers! x


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