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Oct 21, 2012

♥ EOTD: Autumn Fiery Red

EOTD: Fiery Red Vs. Pretty Turquoise

Here is a colourful EOTD autumn style. Again, I used shadows from my ELF palette. I am really starting to love it lately, talk about a product growing on your seeing as I bought it last autumn/winter.This is not a look I wore out, so I actually did this one at the same time as my recent Pretty Turquoise EOTD (link)

What did I use:

  • Red, yellow & brown shimmery eyeshadows from my ELF palette (link)
  • Yellow and red mattes as a base, from my INGLOT freedom palette (link)
  • Liquid Eyeliner & eye pencil from COMPANY (link)
  • Mascara from Natural Collection
  • Eyebrow pencil from Viva La Diva

Which one is your favourite guys.. pretty turquoise or fiery red?

What do you think of this look?
Do you use ELF or INGLOT eyeshadows?



  1. I have no favorites they both looks amazing!

  2. I love the red/orange look, but I'm biased towards fall colors :) And it actually looks pretty wearable too. I want to get the Freedom palette, but I wish Inglot would have stores in more Macy's.


  3. Beautiful Makeup Look! Im amazing of how pigmented the Elf palette it!

  4. Both look awesome but I really like the turquoise. I love blue!

  5. Both look amazing!

    I will have to invest in these palettes! I seem to have been using my Urban Decay one forever...

    Stephanie xox

  6. this is hotnesssssss!!!!! I love the fiery red -- it's so unusual :))

  7. LOVE THEM BOTH but the first one is my fave!!! great job!!! i used to use elf eyeshadows alot, but i am becoming an inglot fan :)

  8. It's a hard choice. I love them both equally. Keep up the good work girl!!
    Hot Happenings

  9. Looks really lovely! The colours are so pigmented, beautiful!
    Both looks are amazing! :)



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