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Oct 8, 2012

♥ MUA Lipstick Shade 3 Review

MUA Lipstick Shade 3 Review Today I am starting the day with a review of my newest lipstick addition, MUA shade 3. It's a deep red, well it looks like a deep red. When you apply it, I have to say that it looks bright red rather than dark red. For £1 I am not complaining though!

As you can see, not exactly the deep red it looks like ..

What do I think of this?

I really like it! If you are looking for a creamy, pigmented and affordable lipstick- this is the one! It goes on smoothly and the finish is great. Staying power is good as well and when you do re apply the old layer isn't all flaky and dry (for me, MAC lipsticks do that).

What are the ingredients like?

+ Among the first five ingredients are Castor Oil and the 5th is Bees Wax. For the price I'd say it's pretty impressive for them to be that high up in the ingredient list. Vitamin E is in it but way too far down in the list, actually after the parabens.

- The 7th ingredient is Paraffin (Mineral Oil). You might know I tend to not use this, however it doesn't bother me too much since it is in a lipstick and Not a lip balm. Mineral Oil tends to create a barrier and not get absorbed so it kind of makes sense to use in a lipstick (no I still don't like it lol). Parabens are pretty high up in the ingredient list (in the middle). Not good! These can be toxic.


For a £1 lipstick I think that the result, staying power and ingredients are super great. I absolutely hate dry lipstick so this is definitely the kind of lipstick I would go for. And I would repurchase it too.

What do you think of MUA lipsticks? Any reviews, if so- link them to me :) 



  1. Oh this is lovely, been looking for a shade like this! Great blog, now following :)

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  2. Looks lovely I'm loving dark deep reds this Autmn xxx

  3. Just to hear the lipstick is a £1 is shocking enough yet they seem very pigmented. Dammn I have to try it out.. My fav lippy brands are mos def Mac & Sleek.

    Hot Happenings!

  4. It really isn't true to what it looks like but it looks pretty on you :)

    1. Thanks!! :D

      I don't know if u will see this reply but I can't go to your blog because it has a warning saying your site has malware on it.. and that there are viruses there. u might want to check why thats happening.. it is saying u have virus from a website called


  5. Such a gorgeous shade, great review hun I haven't tried MUA lippies


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