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Oct 22, 2012

♥ Shopping my stash FOTD

Shopping My Stash Colourful FOTD

So you might have noticed that I've posted quite a few FOTD's lately, but despite great feedback I kind of feel like I keep wearing similar looks all the time. So I decided to use eyeshadows, and lipsticks I don't usually use. Lipstick was more tricky since I actually use all & don't have that many.

I bought this Collection 2000 (Now Collection) lipstick from Superdrug quite a while ago, searching for a coral redish lipstick. However, I don't think it's coral anymore but it is definitely bright red. Initially I stopped wearing it because I didn't like the formula, but after trying it today- I love it! 
The eyeshadows are from a REVLON eyeshadow quartet that I haven't used a lot because the pigmentation isn't great.
Even though I like bright colours this is definitely not something I would wear every day out. I do think bright lips and bright eyeshadows are a bit much, but I wore it for the sake of "shopping my stash". If you really love colours though, it's okey for everyday looks since these eyeshadows aren't very pigmented and bright.

 In the inner corner there is a yellow shade, and above my crease up to my eyebrows is the orange shade.. so yeah you get the picture- not at all great colour pay off.

What did I use for this look?

  • Eyebrows- Viva La Diva eyebrow pencil
  • Eyeshadows: Revlon eyeshadow quartet
  • Eye lashes: Loreal telescopic mascara
  • Foundation: Maybelline 24hr matte foundation
  • Bronzer- Isadora (I don't use this as often as I should either)

What do you think of this & what do you do to switch up your makeup?




  2. Hi Yolanda!

    Love the colour on you!

    Really enjoying going through your blog!

    ~ Tasha


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