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Oct 27, 2012

♥ This or That Makeup Tag

This or That Makeup Tag (tagged by lovely Sharon)

Blush or Bronzer? 
 I definitely love my bronzer. However my daily look is not bronzer used to contour, but slightly shimmery bronzer as a blusher. Not sure why, I've always worn it like that.

Lipgloss or Lipstick? 
Definitely lipstick, I love any bright colour!

Chapstick or Lip Butter? 
Lip Butter definitely. Especially natural ones, or one I've made myself (DIY here)

Matte or Sparkle Eye Shadow? 
I couldn't possibly choose. They both have their purposes. 

Gel, Liquid, Cream, or Pencil Eyeliner? 
Liquid eyeliner is the only one that stays on for long for me. Especially cheap brands like 2True from Superdrug.

Foundation or Concealer? 
Concealer, I hardly use foundation (except for lately) so if I do need to cover up something, I'll do it with concealer.

Liquid or Powder Foundation? 
Omg, I actually haven't tried powder foundation. I'd want to though.

Neutral or Statement Eyes? 
Define neutral lol? Cat eyeliner and soft smokeys eyes are nice every day looks for me.

Pressed or Loose Shadows? 
Pressed definitely, loose are too messy.

Waterproof or Non Waterproof?
When I first started using Mascara I used waterproof because I though "why not", it will last longer. But now I use non waterproof and it works fine.

Brushes, Sponges or Fingers?
For foundation? Fingers more often, but sometimes brush. Never tried sponge. And I don't wear foundation daily.

Powder, Cream, or Liquid Highlighter? 
I've only used powder ones.

I tag: Anyone who want's to do this tag and these lovely people in the list below. And guys if you don't do this type of tags, don't feel pressured to do it. :) x

  • Handmade Dreams- Silvertigo- This girl does amazing nail arts
  • My Boudoir - This girl is super talented with makeup
  • Whispers from Angels- This girl shares a lot of pretty EOTD's
  • Miss Dalum- This girl shares picture perfect NOTD, swatches & lipstick reviews
  • Giddy Princess- Officially one of the first beauty blogs I read. Shellac fan who also posts quite a few OOTD's.
  • Makeup By Nora- A girl who always look pretty with eye liner & bright lips- my type of makeup! :) 
  • Wade Ashore-- She shares a lot of lip gloss & lipstick reviews and eyeshadow looks & reviews.
  • Niicolea-  Super pretty girl of the same mix as me (Swedish/Nigerian), she does amazing makeup looks.

Will you do this tag?


Ps. I this a scheduled post so if you're tagged and I haven't let you know you're tagged yet- don't worry I'm getting to it!


  1. Super tag, I love your answers.
    Thank you for thinking of me.
    I'll do it in English too so that you can understand my answers :)


  2. Great post, I also think loose powder are messy

  3. Thanks for tagging me, it such a fun tag love it! Can't wait to post it on my blog! Xx

  4. Wow that was some hard choices!!! I don't think i could choose just one of those options haha!!! Though you really need to try powder foundation i use it every day and have almost forgotten my liquid ones!/Azure

  5. Thanks for tagging me! I'll definitely be posting this tag soon ;)
    xx Carolin from

  6. Oooo yay!! Thank you sweetie! Definitely looking forward to doing this and really pleased I was one of your first beauty blogs! You are one of my faves! x


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