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Oct 28, 2012

♥ Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Conditioner

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Conditioner

This conditioner really impressed me. It's definitely a new staple of mine. I actually bought it from Poundland (discount store where everything is £1) and from reading the ingredient list I was like- oh my god I love it, it's gonna be great. And I was right lol!

So below are the directions, information and ingredient list. It does have a very strong smell of Tea Tree which definitely isn't my scent of choice but it is natural, anti septic and really stimulates your scalp. Usually after washing I apply Coconut Oil mixed with Peppermint Oil to my scalp to kind of sooth it and keep it from itching while air drying. With this conditioner I massages my scalp before washing it out, and didn't feel the need to do anything else to my scalp.

It contains collagen which is a protein found in all body tissues, skin and bones. Collagen is often called the glue that holds your body together. For hair, it's said to prevent hair loss, and grey hair as well as improving over all hair health.

Have you tried this?
What's your favourite bargain hair product?


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  1. Tea Tree Oil is a godsend, pure and simple. I use this everyday and it has never failed me.


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