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Oct 24, 2012

♥ ELF Palette Blusher Review

Elf Palette Blusher Review

I have been mentioning my elf palette quite often lately, thats because I've really enjoyed using it. When I bought it, I wasn't overly excited or anything but after trying it out properly I really love it.

Anyway, my newest favourite from the palette is the blusher. It's AMAZING. I love anything with gold in it, especially rose gold colours.. it's so pretty.

TWO IN ONE, HIGHLIGHTER But to me the most amazing thing is how the golden shimmers sort of come out as a highlighter.. look at this picture..No flash! No added brightness, no highligher and look at that glow!! I love it :)

SWATCHES Three pictures because I struggle to take a colour accurate picture. I'd say the first one taken with flash shows the colour the most accurate. And in all of them you can see the golden shimmers which causes the highlighting effect.

STAYING POWER: I've been using this the last few days, but I've set it with a setting spray (review will be up soon). It seems as though the red colour of the blusher will fade quite a lot, after a whole day of wearing it- but the highlighting golden shimmers are still visible. Which is fine with me!

Do you have any ELF palettes & what's your favourite product of theirs?



  1. oo very pretty blushes


  2. Wow...Im impressed!! Great swatches!

  3. beautifull! i have one blush from ELF with an contouring bronzer with it but the color doesnt fit my skin so i dontuse them!

  4. Wow very cool! Can't believe the glow without flash! :)


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