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Oct 21, 2012

♥ Working Out: At the gym

Today's Exercise

My gym and health post have been completely neglected lately. When I was in Sweden I went to the gym a few times and took these pictures to write a fitness post in my blog, it's way overdue!

When I work out I tend to focus and legs (thighs) and glutes (bum). This means I have such weak arms, but I kind of don't mind a long as they don't look skinny.

Today's Legs & Glutes Exercises at the gym

  • Speedwalking on the Treadmill for 30 min. Inclined Level 6.5-7 (Means you are walking uphill, great for your bum) at speed 6.5-7. Don't be lazy here guys, it's called speed walk for a reason.
  • Stair Master (not to be confused with cross trainer): 15 min. This is great for your bum, however, quite tricky to master and I hadn't used it in a long while so I only did 15 min.
  • Leg Press: 20x3, 80 kg. Again, don't be scared to do heavy weighs here. The absolutely heaviest your are capable of "pushing", that's the weight you should do. 

This is an easy, quite quick and effective leg and bum work out. I will share in a coming post how to exercise all these muscles at home instead, if you don't like going to the gym or don't want to spend money on it.

What exercises do you do at the gym?


Please note I didn't do this exercise today, but I track all exercises I did so it is accurate to that day.


  1. I finally got a gym membership and not only is it good for my body but it definitely helps my mind and knowing I'm working to become healthier make me happier too :)Right now I'm in a weight loss class and we just do intervals in the treadmill.

  2. Wish I looked as good as you do when I'm going to the gym! x

    One Little Vice

  3. I used to go to the gym alot. Now I just work out at home. For cardio I like to dance. And for legs and arms I just do push ups and squats( with weights).

  4. ITA I tried the stairmaster, I did one repetition and it felt so awkward! Thanks for this, I may try it again

  5. I love speedwalking!

    I speedwalk for 2 miles on the treadmill (which for me normally takes about 40 mins), then I use the bike for 10, cross trainer for 10 and then use some dumbells and free weights for my arms and legs.

    Loving your blog! New follower :)

  6. I need to start getting more motivated! I hate the gym in this weather though, I get back from work so late and then once I get in I'm too cosy to move ha :( xx

  7. Ohh yeah that's what I need to do! Your booty look great! Lol

  8. Ohh yeah that's what I need to do! Your booty look great! Lol

  9. Great post, amazing bod&tips honey! I do a lot of walking&dance somex I love swimming too apart from that nothing really lol

  10. Like you my areas are thighs and glutes those are main focus
    I do cardio treadmil/rowing and either legs or arms day.
    I do the seated dips for triceps/biceps pulls,
    then all the leg machines. leg curl,press,aductors and abductors and finish off with abs/stretch.
    Gym is defenitely my 'me time' and 'body time' lol.


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